Protecting patient data with secure healthcare technology 

Healthcare systems face unique challenges when it comes to managing patient information. Electronic health records must be accessible to a myriad of partners and vendors – from hospitals to doctors’ offices to insurance carriers.

Yet, protecting a patient’s privacy is an overarching mandate, governed by strict federal regulations.  Amassing a wealth of personal information makes the system an attractive target for malevolent actors. And sharing the data across a variety of workflows makes the system more vulnerable to attack.

PREMIER can help you mitigate risk. Our expertise is grounded in designing a customized solution that manages your EHR workflow while protecting critical patient data.  The PREMIER team takes a holistic approach to developing a system that meets your organization’s specific needs.

Our services include:


Healthcare Information Technology

Electronic Health Records

  • Vendor Selection
  • Design Build
  • Implementation
  • Optimization
  • Revenue Cycle

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Cyber security Services

  • Security Assessment
  • Policy Development
  • Requirements Capture
  • Security Architecture
  • Security Design and Configuration
  • Operational Security Support

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